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  Executive Contracting, or Interim Management, was pioneered by E.L Consult in Australia in 1976. E.L Consult has since then remained at the forefront of the industry.

Executive Leasing provides highly qualified professionals on a flexible (hourly, daily, weekly or monthly) basis.

Executive Leasing provides an immediate high calibre solution to management or technical resource problems. For example, Executive Leasing executives are able to…

Provide an organisation with specialised skills that are only needed occasionally.
Assist when management resources are stretched with seasonal workloads.
Take on the role of catalyst, motivator or rainmaker when better sales or marketing would be useful.
Make an independent study or assessment of product, service division or subsidiary.
Come in as a Project Manager on a particular plant upgrade or other capital investment.
Run divisions or subsidiaries that may require building up prior to divestment.
Mould or warm up an acquisition to fit with the new corporate structure.
Set up company systems and coach and train local successors to 'take over', especially applicable to PRC Foreign Invested Enterprises.

The independence, flexibility and mobility of an Executive Leasing executive are vital elements in the achievement of corporate objectives. They are readily available in the following areas:

Finance and Accounting
Engineering Design and Implementation
General Management
Information Technology
Project and Construction Management
Marketing, Sales and Sales Training
Purchasing, Supply and Distribution
Systems Management and Implementation
Human Resource Policy Review and Training
Agriculture, Biological and Environmental Science
Journalists, Lawyers, Actuaries and Energy Auditors

The price of contracting an executive depends on the skill and level of expertise required, but as a general rule will approximate the total cost of a similarly skilled executive permanently employed by the organisation for the same period but without high cost termination. The cost is approximately one-third of traditional consulting fees.

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